42nd Bailleau International & 19th "Amical" Gliding Contest


Welcome to Bailleau 2016 !

This year, the 42nd edition of the Bailleau International Gliding Contest will be held from the 1st of August (arrival briefing) until the 13th of August (awards ceremony), writing another year of classic flat land sailplane racing..

Whether a seasoned veteran or an aspiring competition pilot, we hope that you will come to appreciate a club spirit geared towards flying but always caring of family & friends.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay with us and that whatever your flying experience or your glider type may be, your goals and expectations will be met by a unique contest.

A significant change has been made in its formula since 2010, to meet the expectations of competitors, who want a contest suited to their desires.

The concept experienced since then will therefore be renewed for Bailleau 2015, and classes will be :


  • International / Speed Race : for those who prefer to fly the fastest, during the best period of the day, or those who prefer to be on time for a drink in the evening ;-)
  • International / Long Flights : this class is the one that best fits a "usual" contest, where tasks are set to maximize the distance, spanning the most part of the flying day ...


If you hesitate between the 2 classes, please contact us

Like every year for 19 years now, Bailleau International will be accompanied by the now famous "Amical" Contest, for which it will be the 19th edition : a very good atmosphere, a competition aimed at pilots of all experience, the "Amical" was initiated by Bernard Launay, and it's one of the best ways for a pilot to take his first steps in competition ...

Its main purpose is to allow the contestants to discover competition, but with the benefit of a specific management, with a stress level close to 0% ! While it definitely IS a gliding contest, the "Amical" can act as a perfect springboard for Bailleau International Contest (One day in 2010, the "Amical" was however close to take off for a 500 km task, so you may expect this again in 2016, in case of an really good weather day ...)


Here are the dates for these 2 contests :

  • "Welcome" Briefing : Monday, August 1st, at 7 PM
  • First Task : Tuesday, August 2nd
  • Last Task : Friday, August 12th
  • Awards Ceremony : Saturday, August 13th, at 11 AM

Trophée Robert Le Maon


As a conclusion, we would like to remind you that there is another competition "inside" Bailleau International : the "Trophée Le Maon" (named after a former and iconic CFI in Bailleau). This trophy awards the "fastest" pilot during the Contest.

Last year saw Rene Kalsbeek (TZC Twente) win the trophy, with an average speed of 118.5 km/h on a 398 km task, which is very fast !

The "Trophée Le Maon" is put into play every year, and the first competitor who will win the trophy three consecutive times will earn the right to keep it permanently ...